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Who is Dulce?

Dulce Maria (born December 6, 1985) is a Mexican singer, actress and songwriter. In October 2009 she signed a contract with Universal Music and recorded a solo album Extranjera, with its first part released in November 2010, and the second part in the summer of 2011. She was part of Mexican pop group RBD that gained popularity from Televisa's teen drama series Rebelde. RBD was a two-time Latin-Grammy, 6 time Bilboard nominated, sold over 17 million digital downloads and 24 million albums worldwide. RBD performed in Brazil for over 500,000 people, breaking the Rolling Stones's record. They had 4 worldwide tours breaking all the records, being the only Mexican group ever to expand throughout the world.(RBD: World Wide Phenomenon)


Current projects

dulce maria new album
Sin Fronteras
Type: CD / Album
Label: Universal Music
Status: pending
Release: 2013 / 2014

dulce maria quiero ser fiel
Movie "Quiero Ser Fiel"
Type: Movie
Producer: Esteban Martín
Status: completed
Release: 2013

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Valesca Popozuda and Dulce Maria
Valesca Popozuda was special guest on the show of Dulce María

As we already said our site to funk singer Valesca Popozuda made a special appearance on the show of the singer Dulce María. They sang the hits “Beijinho no Ombro” and “Lepo Lepo” with choreography and all.

Yesterday (14), the Fame TV released a story that tells more about the collaboration of Valesca in the showcase of the former RBD. Watch:

Dulce Maria Deezer
Chat with Dulce Maria on Deezer

On Official Facebook page of Dulce Maria her team informed us that on Monday, February 10th, the day of worldwide premiere of her newest video for single “Antes Que Ver El Sol“, she will do a live chat with her fans on Deezer.

IMPORTANT: Live Chat will be held on Monday, February 10th at 12 PM (Mexico Time)

Follow these steps to make sure you get access to Chat Room on Monday

1. – Create your account or if you already have an account just login to

2. – Go to the App Studio, find the Soundrop app. (Apps section is located in your profile on the left side, just below the Radio Stations section.)

3. – Enter to that app and Chat Room will be available on Monday 10th of February.

In the meantime you can listen for free Dulce María’s songs on Deezer

Ww Time Zones for Chat on Deezer
California 10 AM
Mexico, Guatemala 12 PM
Canada, New York 1 PM
Argentina, Colombia, Peru 1 PM
Chile 3 PM
Brazil 4 PM
Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Albania 7 PM
Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Israel 8 PM

Dulce Maria Estilo
Dulce Maria on cover of Estilo DF Magazine, photos + interview

Dulce María is on February cover of EstiloDF Magazine. Besides bringing photos that photographer Oscar Ponce made, she gave an interview where she talks about her vision for the year 2014 and her newest record material Sin Fronteras.

In the art of music , Dulce Maria found her own personality , motivation , and realized that there are no boundaries in life. And although her chance in the industry started since she was little , when she was part of child group Kaleidoscopio Interactivo De Sueños (K.I.D.S) , and group Jeans in her teen years and later RBD, she’s ready to be alone on the stage.

To start 2014, the actress is promoting her second solo album, “Sin Fronteras” (eng. No Boundaries), which will be released in April this year.

Her second single, “Antes Que Ver El Sol” was presented in Spanish and Portuguese, it’s already hit in Brazil.

No desire to return to the small screens, the singer of “Extranjera” reveals in an interview with EstiloDF that she’s more satisfied and happy to be able to give a message through her songs.

Since we already heard an preview of what will be your new album “Sin Fronteras”, what does this new album represents in your career?

It’s an album that speaks of diversity you find in life and in music there are no boundaries to make what you want. This week I will be premiering the video for second single “Antes que ver el sol,” which I recorded at the border, in the Laguna Salada and Calexico, Mexicali, and I had an excellent response, I hope you like very much, the album will be released on April 8.

Are you coming back on small screen this year?

Did music industry changed your life?

I’m promoting my second album, I spent some time planning it, making it up and choosing the songs, I sin to be very dreamy and idealistic, sometimes it is good and sometimes very bad, but it has left me a lot of satisfaction when something you had wanted fulfilled. This album reflects that experience I’ve ever had: being more realistic, earthy, objective and laugh a little more for things that happened to me. It is so intense because I am, I’ll tell you things in a more earthy, mature, latin point, all I wanted to tell the world.

Do you miss acting?

The music and acting are two different worlds: in music I can be, or at least I think I am more me, being in a stage where people contact with me is very satisfying, as opposed to being on television playing a character .

What was the challenge to dabble in other genres?

It’s out of my comfort zone. Suddenly you don’t know if you gonna like it, if it will work… but it’s daring, also I have many traditional pop songs, but the point was to do something different.

Speaking of not having boundaries, who do you like to do a duet with?

I don’t know, there are many artists that inspire me and I like them. Now I am very fan of groups like Imagine Dragons, Regina Spektor and Taylor Swift … But one of my dreams is to record with the Spanish singer Bebe, or at least record a song for her, recently I was about to do it, but I couldn’t put the disk on hold and now I have collaborations with people I admire and respect very much.

What are your plans for this 2014?

I am completely focused on what what will be promotion of the album. In April I will start the tour here in Mexico, then we will analyze where will be the rest of the presentations and make a new tour. On the other hand, there will be premiere of the movie called “Quero Ser Fiel”, possibly in June, with Valentino Lanus and Sandra Echeverria, where I’m a jockey and I’m one of the temptations of the main character of the story… Among my goals is to compose my new show, I have to bring my band and see what fits. I wish to be more disciplined, because I don’t like to make plans, I’m very impulsive, but I have to plan more things, like keep composing.

When you’re not touring, what do you do in your free time?

I enjoy reading, listening to music, sit down to eat with my family and my friends. If I have attitude, I like to party, but l like things that are more intimate.

Are you reading a book now?

Yes, El secreto de Eva; it’s a novel that made me very intrigued. I like to read funny things that make you question or leaves you a message, I don’t like reading books too raw, I read them to feel better and to inspire me.

We always talk about style, what is the style of Dulce María?

I like fashion, but I put my touch, I do not like to marry trends, if I’m feeling comfortable in it, is the most important. Sometimes I’m more hippie and sometimes rockerona, but now I’m also experiencing a wave with more glamor.

Do you consider yourself a passionate girl?

Yes, I am very passionate and idealistic, but I’ve learned to be more realistic and objective, to handle yourself in the world you have to learn to be like it a little bit as well, but without leaving your hopes and dreams because they are the ones that give a reason to your life to pursue your goals and passions.

What is your dream that you couldn’t accomplish?

I’m Insatiable (hahah) you always have different goals, right now mine is to continue growing as a songwriter, I like being able to express myself with the people and assist in the projects to help people as a public figure, I hope I can do it more this year.

We added 10 photos from shoot for EstiloDF Magazine, photographed by Oscar Ponce:

We also added scans from EstiloDF Magazine:

Check out the making-of video

Hangout Dulce Maria
Hangout with Dulce Maria

On Monday, January 20 at 05:00 PM (MX time), Universal Music Mx and Dulce Maria will make Hangout. It will be live streamed on Google+ and Youtube.

Anyone can be part of it, you’ll be able to post your questions to Dulce Maria, also you’ll be able to see an exclusive sneak peek of the video of her newest single “Antes Que Ver El Sol

You can confirm that you will participate – Here

If you haven’t already bought “Antes Que Ver El Sol”, you can do it now. Click here for the full list of countries and online stores on which you can buy it.

Time Zones for Hangout
California 3 PM
Mexico, Guatemala 5 PM
Canada, New York 6 PM
Argentina, Colombia, Peru 6 PM
Chile 8 PM
Brazil 9 PM
Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Albania 12 AM
Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Israel 1 AM

antes que ver el sol
Buy new single of Dulce Maria – Antes Que Ver El Sol

Antes Que Ver El Sol” is now available on iTunes, Amazon, MixUp Digital, Deezer and Spotify.
There is Solo version and Portugues with Manu Gavassi
Here is the list of countries:



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