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InStyle Dulce Maria

We added in our gallery HQ photos from photoshoot for the cover of InStyle Mexico, November issue. Photo were taken by the photographer Enrique Covarrubias, and as always our Dulce Maria is flawless.

Photoshoots >> 2014 >> Enrique Covarrubias, InStyle Mexico

Also check out the scans:

Magazines and Newspapers >> 2014 >> InStyle Mexico, November 2014

Va Por Ti

For the 6th night of Va Por Ti, they had the presence of Yuri in the judges’ table, she with Larry Hernandez and Alejandra Guzman had to make decisions that have turned the tables in the competition. Galilea announced that in the second stage only two captains will still remain in the competition, Jencarlos secured his position continuing with his seven participants. El Dasa and Dulce Maria had a much tougher night because they relied on the decision of the audience and judges with his team to survive in the competition.

Last week, .. Ricardo Rivera, Fernando Corona and Mario Pacheco, the public voted to save Fernando, judges saved Ricardo making the Mario Pacheco eliminated. With these results the team of Dulce Maria was saved, because if Ricardo was eliminated, her participation in the show would have ended. Mario was sad, because for the support his team gave Fernando Corona through social networks.


Geissie y Joyce (winner of the duel)

Yazaira (winner of the duel) y Ana Cristina

Víctor y Fernando (winner of the duel)

José Enrique Poyato (winner of the duel) y Stephanie

Danny y Enrique (winner of the duel)

Geissie (winner of the duel) y Stephanie

Yazaira (winner of the duel) y Ana Cristina

José Enrique (winner of the duel) y Joyce

Danny y Fernando (winner of the duel)

Victor y Enrique (winner of the duel)

Score was 5-5 so neither Dulce Maria nor El Dasa will leave competition this time.

TV and Radio Programs >> 2014 >> Va Por Ti

Rock Of Ages

Dulce María and the team from the theatre musical “Rock of Ages” had an press conference in Mexico City. Dulce said she is doing the best she can on her debut in musical theater, having to sing, dance and act at the same time. She is the protagonist of the play.

Check out the video from conference:

The play will be in theaters at the Cultural Center from October 24, with sessions from Wednesday to Sunday – including two on Saturday and two on Sunday. The season runs until November 30. Therefore, Dulce is divided between the musical and the reality show “Va Por Ti” aired in the USA by Univision channel, focused on the Latino community.

Also, check out photos from press conference in our photogallery:

Appearances >> 2014 >> 09.10. Press Conference – Rock Of Ages, Mexico

Dulce Maria Seis Sentidos Octubre 2014

Dulce Maria has recently made the cover of Seis Sentidos magazine, October issue. As soon as the interview becomes available, we will post it here. As for now, enjoy the backstage video and photos from October’s edition of Seis Sentidos.

Magazines and Newspapers >> 2014 >> Seis Sentidos, October 2014

VA Por Ti

The fifth night of Va Por Ti was attended by the internationally renowned star, Laura Pausini, who joined Larry and Alejandra to evaluate the participants and to sing with them. Laura presented her new song, “Sino a ti” , with Thalía.

Galilea announced that if one of the participants from team Dulce remained at the wall, her team would be eliminated from the competition, the tension between captains was also felt. Paloma Carrasco, Joyce Paulino and Arias Martin came on stage to interpret their song before hearing the results of the public. The audience voted to save Paloma from team Jen, the judges saved Joyce Paulino and Arias Martin from team El Dasa lost. Arias Martin (Team El Dasa) will face with Vivian Mitre (Team Dulce) in Digital Rematch (La Revancha Digita). You can Vote here.

This week the team captains made ​​strong statements about the decisions of the judges.

Round 1: Sing a duet

José Palacio and Frank Francisco – Team Jencarlos Canel
Enrique Tello and Fernando Corona – Team El Dasa
José Enrique Poyato and Víctor Robles – Team Dulce Maria (lost)

Round 2: Ranchero genre song

Stephanie Guzmán – Team El Dasa
Yazaira López – Team Dulce Maria
Ricardo Rivera – Team Jen (lost)

Round 3: Interpreting “Corazón partido” in different genres

Joyce Paulino – Team El Dasa (lost)
Virginia Stille – Team Jen
Yazaira – Team Dulce Maria

Round 4: Songs of Laura Pausini

Raúl Vidal – Team Jen
Ana Cristina Pagán – Team El Dasa (lost)
Geissie Torres – Team Dulce Maria

Round 5: Songs of Larry and Hernandez

Danny Montejo – Team Dulce Maria
Mario Pacheco – Team El Dasa (lost)
Espiridión Magaña – Team Jen

Laura Pausini picked Stephanie to sing with her ​​at the “Va Por Ti moment” and Wisin presented his single “Control”.

Fernando Corona (Team El Dasa), Ricardo Rivera (Team Jen) and Mario Pacheco (Team El Dasa) are “on the wall” and audience will choose to save one of them, results will be published in next episode.

TV and Radio Programs >> 2014 >> Va Por Ti

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